Ekotopie. Ekspansja technokultury (A. Jelewska)

The book Ecotopias registers and analyzes the moment when important changes were taking place in the area of contemporary culture, art and technoscience by referring to the fundamental redefinition of the understanding of the relation between man and space. This relation was redefined between the decades of the 1960s and 1970s with regard to scientific and artistic practice in America. This change was later disseminated through various systems of globalization. A technocultural paradigm is presented from many perspectives, for example, in relation to human space exploration, the Cold War conflicts, ecological studies, second-order cybernetics as well as the subversive use of media tools in artistic activities and modern design. The book Ecotopias attempts to present phenomena, forms and discourses that describe the contemporary, technologized world from a transdisciplinary perspective. Recognizing its important points is one of the most important challenges posed to the contemporary humanistic reflection.

Ekotopie. Ekspansja technokultury, Adam Mickiewicz University Press 2014

prof. AMU dr. hab. Agnieszka Jelewska