Postcollectivity. Situated Knowledge and Practice (A. Jelewska, M. Krawczak, J. Reid [eds.])


Situated Knowledge and Practice

Series: Studies in Critical Social Sciences, Volume: 284

Volume Editors: Agnieszka Jelewska, Michał Krawczak, and Julian Reid

Most of the phenomena described in this book have arisen as a result of various crises, disasters, threats, and forms of violence (such as wars, refugee crises, and political regimes, but also devastating practices of the anthropogenic drive and environmental pollution). Others are a form of response to new political, social and cultural changes that we are experiencing due to the rapid development of technology or progressive economic stratification. The research perspective proposed in Postcollectivity draws on the authors’ approaches, combining academic and theoretical discourse with social engagement and artistic practice with critical thought.

Contributors are: Harshavardhan Bhat, Stephen Dersley, Adela Goldbard, Carly E. Gray, Agnieszka Jelewska, Peter H. Kahn, Jr., Michał Krawczak, Grant Leuning, Ania Malinowska, Anna Nacher, Andrzej W. Nowak, Julian Reid, Pepe Rojo, Sarena Sabine, Jens Schröter, Jan Stasieńko and Brett Zehner.

prof. AMU dr. hab. Agnieszka Jelewska
dr Michał Krawczak
Julian Reid