Post-technological Experiences. Art-Science-Culture (ed. M. Krawczak)

The book Post-technological Experiences Art-Science-Culture is a record of the research processes and practices carried out at the intersection of art, science and technology, and of the artistic and design activities of the last few years, which have been described and analyzed in a few dozen original texts. Considered as whole, this book demonstrates the great potential of conducting inter- and transdisciplinary research, which is the methodological and contextual basis for many of the texts presented here, which address issues associated with post-technological experiences. The texts gathered together in this volume present post-technology as a new category of culture connected with the spread of laboratory procedures, scientific knowledge systems and research practices at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. Post-technological culture has made the latest art an experimental and speculative research practice. And it is this art – with its undetermined procedures – that becomes in this reality a tool for prototyping new forms of society, and for generating discussions about important ethical, ontological, scientific and technological layers of the contemporary world.

Post-technological Experiences. Art-Science-Culture, Adam Mickiewicz University Press 2019

editor: Michał Krawczak

graphic design: Raman Tratsiuk

graphics on the cover and the title pages: Przemysław Jasielski

copy editor: Stephen Dersley

authors: Michał Krawczak, Roy Ascott, Agnieszka Jelewska, Elizabeth McTernan, Jill Scott, Joanna Jeśman, Joanna Hoffmann-Dietrich, Przemysław Jasielski, Piotr Zawojski, Paweł Janicki, Jakub Alejski, Jan Słyk, Bronka Nowicka, Rafał Syska, Natalia Juchniewicz, Jacek Wachowski, Gaja Karolczak, Magdalena Zamorska, Małgorzata Dancewicz, Justyna Stasiowska, Tomasz Misiak, Jeff Gburek, Rafał Zapała

dr Michał Krawczak